Police Make HEARTBREAKING Find Next To White Man Gunned Down By Teens (VIDEO)

A Philadelphia man was gunned down by three black teens in cold blood while he was out for a walk, and when police found the man’s body, they made a heartbreaking discovery next to it.
According to NBC Philadelphia, the three black teens were playing basketball when one of them got the bright idea to go rob someone at random. After seeing a different man out walking his dog and deciding not to rob him, they saw 51-year-old James Patrick Stuhlman.
Stuhlman apparently would usually walk with his 13-year-old daughter, but on the night of his murder, he had told her to stay home because it was getting late, likely saving her life. As he walked down the dark street on March 12, the father and owner of a local landscaping company saw three teens approach him, and upon running into him they announced a robbery.
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