WATCH: CNN Anchor Gets Ugly Trashing Trump Until Black Conservative SHUTS HIM DOWN HARD!

Watching CNN’s so-called “panel discussion” regarding President Trump’s speech in Harrisburg, PA., reminded me of a WWE “handicapped wrestling match” where the opponent is usually outmatched by a three to one ratio, in this instance there was a seven to two ratio…not exactly favorable odds for President Trump.And yet Paris Dennard put the “smackdown” on an arrogant and condescending Paul Begala who wasn’t there to simply gauge the president’s speech but rather to heap insult after insult, after insult.Moreover, the 6-plus minute video clip captures Begala going into an overt performance of contrived gestures in his attempt to denigrate the president calling him a “moral midget” and a “needy little baby.”Watch more:

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