Black Woman Confronts White Guy, Leaves Him Something He’ll Never Forget

Natasha Robinson was leaving school one evening when she walked past a guy minding his own business in the parking lot outside her college campus. When she saw what he was doing, she immediately inserted herself into the situation.Natasha, who was by herself as she was walking through the parking lot to her car, saw an older gentleman who was also alone. The unnamed man was in ragged clothes, rummaging through the dumpster in search of any shred of food he could find to carry him over to the next day.She approached him with an offer to buy him food, and he kindly took her up on the generous offer without hesitation. The Washington D.C. woman suggested Wendy’s, then escorted him to the hamburger chain.He shyly offered to order something small off the dollar menu, as to not be an imposition, but she insisted he order a full meal instead.

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